Finally py2exe works

Managed to get py2exe not to barf so if your that way inclined:

Please note there is a fix for the level bug in this so please ignore it.


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This game looks GREAT, and the idea much more. However, I'm only able to play level two, and then level three's screen is all white. I only see the two guys, the key and a handle, but the background is all white. I guess it's some py2exe problem with paths or something... Is there a way to jump the intro? When it finishes, however, the game starts directly in level 2... Please, fix it! I really want to play this game :)
Hmm updated the exe to fix the physics going too fast.. haven't managed to reproduce the white bg bug yet. 

You can skip the intro by editing data\config.ini:

SkipToGame = False
SkipToMenu = False

Either of those to True.
Figured out the white screen - must be a texture size problem, do you have a slightly older gfx card? 
I think the size is too big. We will have to fix the bg and replace it with something better, 
I guess tiles for the forground is the way to go 8-#
Well, I got the error on an ATI FireGL V3100, which is not a common card. That could be part of the problem :)
I have not been able to build pybox2d, so not rating this one...
Guess your not windows then.. next time i will try to include all the dependencies in the package for win/mac/linux. so close yet so far! gambatte yo!