Response to early feedback

Thanks for the great feedback you're all leaving.

Most of my effort was spent creating the game engine so unfortunately the user-facing code received less attention, and thus is ... somewhat ... utilitarian :)

Just so you're aware, my TODO for the next release of the game includes:

  1. help-screen popup when starting first dungeon
  2. context-sensitive LMB: click on character switches; LMB on footstep moves; LMB on enemy attacks (if only one attack) or brings up menu
  3. indicator for visible off-screen NPCs
  4. NPC turn notification
  5. more actions for characters (PC and NPC) to perform in the game
  6. NPCs need differing loadouts and skills
  7. a lot of cleaning up of the player management screen
The code already implements a bunch of things like handling different NPC equipment and skill sets (and altered attributes), but the current levels don't use that.

Any further suggestions will be gratefully received. If anyone's interested in helping me with it that'd be cool too.

Update: To the user who requested keyboard movement - it's already there (arrow keys). And so's the shortcut for "next character" (spacebar - clearly my spacebar icon sucks :)