Crazy Atropos, color, and Pygame 1.8.1

For any of you attempting to play Crazy Atropos with pygame 1.8.1, you're going to receive an error because pygame 1.8.1's reworked color module removed a lot of color functions in pygame 1.8.0 that we used in the game.

So here's a quick hack of a fix for those using pygame 1.8.1 (it's a text file, so right-click, save as etc).

It's with a few lines added that turns the Color class (introduced in 1.8.1) into a tuple (used in 1.8.0), along with a few functions that 1.8.1 removed. Simply put this in /lib of the game directory, and you should be good to go!

Feel free to judge based on the uploaded version and mark 'does not work' if you want; we apologize for our myopia.