Bugs and tips, and minipostmortem

It might be a good idea to back up the "checkpoint" folder after each checkpoint in case you mess up a room and go save at a different checkpoint by accident. You can also edit the checkpoint folder (such as copying a map file from maps to checkpoint to reset the map), but it is possible to mess something up.

In the room with millions of portable bridges, if you go to the right screen there is a checkpoint at the start, so if you want to unlock the door don't go right until you manage to do so. Although the northern door may not even be necessary. I have not completed the right branch as of yet, my game partner designed that branch and it is quite difficult. The extra string found in the yellow door in that room will make the next section easier, but it is (theoretically) possible without it.

If you are unable to reattach to an object, tie/untie a string you should be able to tie, or pick up a piece of string; the problem may be solved by closing and running the game again (closing the game saves your position), or leaving the map and returning.

Avoid leaving the map when tied to a post.

I'll be posting a video walkthrough at some point in the next week. If I manage to beat the right path that is :)

I am very proud of this game. Although it falls short in many areas, it is fairly complete, and most (not all) of the bugs have been ironed out. Considering the difficulty of development, I am surprised we were able to finish. Still, there are a lot of things I'd like to do, so we will definitely be working on this game some more.

Besides the bugs and some design flaws, it is badly in need of a middle section. The difficulty goes from quite easy to quite difficult with no section to provide medium difficulty. Our decision to branch the level was good for the limited dev time, as it meant we could both freely develop maps without bumping into each other, but it left no room to balance the two sides. Both paths are difficult, but I am pretty sure the right path is harder.