I probably should've written this yesterday but I actually needed a break from the computer for a while :)

I woke up on Sunday to find that a few of the team had done some additional work overnight, including visibility of NPCs from PCs, some dungeon level tweaking, finishing off the introduction story (though I didn't have time to replace some of the placeholder graphics with better-quality images) and finalising the music.

Of course I spent about an hour dealing with PyWeek issues but it was far less stressful than any previous PyWeek - the 24-hour upload grace period was a bloody good idea :)

Overall I'm happy with the game as submitted. It includes almost all of the functionality I'd hoped we would get done in the week. There wasn't any stupid bugs that kept me frustrated and unproductive for hours like there has been previously. Of course there's a few glitches (apparently sometimes missile weapons can be rendered off-target, but I've not seen that myself; also the tile mapping has border artifacts that I'd like to try to resolve) but nothing that kills the game (AFAIK :)

Thanks to the XKCD folk who pitched in - I'm sure they learnt a lot during the week, and I'm grateful for their help and design advice during the week. I'm hoping some of them will stay on with the project and help me see it grow. I have lots more I want to add to it :)

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Your game was definitely one that could be great with a few more features and polish. The base is there!