Final game - Crazy Atropos

Well, here is our first pyweek game:

Crazy Atropos!

A one-button world domination strategy game. You are the color Orange.

You play the role of Atropos, one of the Fates who is responsible for cutting the threads of life that her sisters spin and measure. Unfortunately, only the Greeks believe you exist, and it is they whom you have power over. Your omniscience allows you to see the lives and personalities of every great Greek leader in history, and your power allows you to prematurely end the lives of those that aren't fit to run your empire.

Each leader has his strengths and weaknesses, and it is only through a balance of these that your empire may grow and prosper!

Dependencies: pygame 1.8.0, Numeric (yes, Numeric, not NumPy. Sorry about this. I was shortsighted. The download link for ancient Numeric is in the README)

Due to the way color is used, pygame 1.8.1 won't work, I think - sorry!

There are three endings to the game - can you get all three?

(If you do, props to you! Despite our best playtesting efforts, we, er, never won the game. But since the AI don't receive any advantages and plays through the same mechanics as you, a win is possible. Maybe you're the next Guderian!)