The mad dash...

Fishing frenzy really started to take shape in the wee hours this morning, but there were still lots of loose ends, for example: no way to win or lose, no score, just some fish and our humble hero (who at least showed his face today for the first time) with pole at the ready.

Everyone on the team really kicked it up a notch for the last few hours, seeing what needed doing and stepping up and banging it out. Kudos to Colin for a great swimming animation dynamic, and for stepping up at the last minute to get the timer implemented. Eric was our man of sound, without him the game would basically be silent, which it definitely is not! Harry did an outstanding job documenting and keeping the tasks straight, and documenting it all for posterity. I won't bother to thank myself, I already know how awesome I am! ;^)

Of course, some things were cut due to constraints, I plan to circle back around add some of these features in the future, and I know Harry is very eager to see some of these get picked up off the cutting room floor:

All in all I'm very happy to have participated (if perhaps a little delirious) and this game would never have existed had it not been for pyweek and Harry's urging to get a team together. Cheers and enjoy the game!