Monkey's out of the Bag

This is my first time participating in pyweek and, wow, what an exhausting and rewarding experience. It's been an intense week and it'll be strange to see it go. I am very pleased with the progress we've made and surprised how quickly everything came together in the end.

Our team member James Sharpnack (jsharpna) took the time to play through the final version of our game so we're sure it's beatable. The later levels get difficult suddenly but it's not impossible. If you're frustrated you can use the bracket keys to move forward and backward.

The game mechanics work like this: You're a monkey with a tether. You'd like to box yourself some bananas but your hands are circular so what do you do? You tether them! (Why not?).

In the upper right hand corner you'll see the number of bananas you need to box and how many you've boxed so far. Once your box is full you will move to the next level. If you don't complete the level before time runs out you must restart the level.

z picks up your tether, x drops it
c attaches the held end of your tether to certain movable items in the game (and non-movable hooks on the ground). You have to be holding the tether and pressing against the item you'd like to rope.
v detaches the rope from an item, you need to be pressing against the connected item.
You can jump with space (or up) and you move the arrow keys.

We'd also like to thank pymike for his ezmenu. It's a great little piece of software that saved us time and effort.

It's been great chatting with you guys in the channel (i'm _ar). I am excited to see everyone's work and I look forward to participating in the future.

Great job guys,


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Alfred Rossi for the monkey in the tangle, how do I let go the box if it gets attached to my chain? Doomed is it?
@phoe6: Press "v" when you're touching the an item (such as the box) to release the chain from it. (disclaimer: this is not my game)
Yeah the key there is you have to be touching the object to act on it.