Finished, just

Well, with the new uploading system we really did work right down to the wire: I had to hit the enter key halfway through typing my final commit message in order to get it in before the stroke of one. As ever, there's plenty we wish we'd had more time to fix, but as far as we can tell, we've managed to put together a playable, somewhat polished and hopefully even fairly fun game.

The Space Adventures of Digby Marshmallow, Space Burglar Extraordinaire ...In Space! is a puzzle action game chronicling the exploits of its eponymous hero across eighteen levels and six different worlds, as he struggles to fill his swag-bag with precious treasures while remaining tethered to his even more precious oxygen supply. It features some really rather nice SVG artwork and a lively ragtime soundtrack. Here's a preview:

Now it's time to get some sleep; we look forward to checking out everyone else's entries in the days to come!