Bungee Manager [Finished]

CHALLENGE END: 1 hour! Well, that was close!

Here's my entry. It doesn't have all the features I wanted, but I think it's quite playable. The objective is simple: just keep making money controlling your client's jumps choosing the length of the rope and the jumping angle. You must attend an increasing number of clients, so jumps must be precise in order to attend many guys at the same time while avoiding accidents.

Game ends if too many clients walk away unsatisfied (or with some broken bones), but also if tax time arrives and you don't have money.

Don't check your speakers, there's no sound :D Enjoy! P.S: I uploaded two versions: one without pyglet (just 77Kb!) and the final one, which includes pyglet. Just in case...

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The description sounds promising, looking forward to trying it out tomorrow!