The final countdown

There was a huge rush of energy from the team today, including a new contribution from Cosmologicon who has started putting together the story animation. Very nice :)

I've uploaded a test release:

Ehtirno did a bunch of work designing levels and tweaking the one we had. While I was asleep he also implemented spending experience points, some user interface improvements and item generation for shopping.

abzde has been sick (everyone gets sick at least once during a PyWeek) so hasn't been able to contribute as much as he'd like. He did chime in just now with a fix to the NPC AI (sadly this is not in the file I've uploaded --- just don't DIE :)

Knowing it was going to be a short day I spent a lot of time helping out people on IRC so they could do work in my absence. My first contribution today was re-working the character selection control and next turn behaviour in the tactical game. I added some big helpful buttons which hopefully also serve as documentation reminders.

I also added code to support buying new skills and prepared the way for buying abilities (we don't have any yet though).

I added the mechanism we use for unlocking new dungeons on the successful completion of existing ones, thus allowing the game to progress. And I fixed a bunch of bugs.

Then I went to a 5-year-old's birthday, and I just got back. I'm going to bed now.

See you all at the finishing line :)

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Cool game! I like the drag and drop trade interface. One bug I found, if the screen is scrolled in a battle, the arrows/staff attacks etc don't get displayed in the right spot. If I clicked next character instead of just clicking on the character to switch, it seemed to fix itself. Then later I moved someone who couldnt attack even though he had enough AP.