Day Five Complete

So, the penultimate day of coding is finished. I'm not really where I'd want to be - it's still not in state where you can play it as a game.

Today's work consisted of drawing the remaining graphics, finalising the menu system and in game controls and completing the scoring system.

I'm going to get up fairly early tomorrow and hopefully begin coding around 10am. The contest is scheduled to end at 1am the following day so I should be able to get plenty done.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to finish the code for the remaining two game pieces. I'm also going to write the level intro/outro screens that will allow the game to be play properly.

In the afternoon I shall implement the high score table, write the in game instructions and design the twenty five to fifty levels I think I'll need. In the evening I shall test like there is no tomorrow. I'll also write the documentation, clean up the code, package it and submit!

Now I'm off for some much need sleep in preparation for tomorrow's coding marathon! It's just like being an undergraduate again with an assessment due :-)