And the train says, "woot woot!"

Thanks to ZeroByte for the cheesy pun in the title. :)

We're letting loose a lot of our features -- sortof like disconnecting some heavy cargo cars from the end of the line because they'll cause you to roll into the station too late. "Better light than late", I says.

Our stack-based UI is working well, making it really easy to navigate within the game and add new sections to it. I think I want to write this up as a template structure for making a generic object-oriented game -- it's a wheel that I've reinvented so many times, I'd really like to template-ize this thing to speed up future development. Not that I want to make this a code library -- more just like pictures and rough class interfaces to help with partitioning / organization of projects, regardless of genre, platform or language.

So to recap, we now we have our curses-based UI, a class to hold our puzzles and load them from files, context-sensitive help, and our dynamic as-you-type regex puzzle interface.

Next stop, randomly generating puzzles, getting the animated ascii train into the main menu, and last but not least, scoring -- which will, incidentally, be heavily influenced by the length of your string. If we have time, we'll add in user testing, revise the tutorials, and possibly add a new game mode or two.

Keep up the great work, everyone -- I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's entries! The number of physics games this year is exciting. :)