Friday i'm in love

(written along side to friday i'm in love by the cure)

Well its friday, only today and tommorow left. we pretty much have the game done now, just finishing up some of the levels and writing some code to tie up the story at the end of the game.

there are a bunch of optimisations i can do in the engine yet but that can wait till the game is properly finished and playable from start to end. at the moment it looks like the target machine spec for this game is about a 1.8ghz processor (no multi-threading so you dual core people need to have fast cores) with an opengl 2.0 compatable gpu (speed isn't much of an issue gpu wise, i have a nvidia 6200). you should be able to run it on systems with a lower spec than that, technically it should work on any graphics chip though. we'll have to see in the testing phase tommorow weather that actually holds up :x slower cpu's should be able to handle it with no gpu shaders also.