More game, probably last day of dev

Today was a day of filling in more of the gaping holes of the game. cfuller found a couple of bugs overnight that were good to have fixed. Not much else though when I woke up this morning.

First thing to fix was the game "menu" interface. I replaced the placeholder menu with using the world map as the main interface. This then prompted me to implement loading and saving games, so I did that too.

While I was doing that Haragorn contributed some new tiles. Not sure they'll appear in the final submission because they're outdoor tiles and we're not likely to have an outdoor map.

I also added some missing items, and added costs and weights to all items. And I completely revamped the combat calculations, making them simpler to configure in the items and also having them use the item quality, magic bonus and character skill. This also involved me going over the characters and NPCs we have now and fixing their stats, skills and items so they were saner. Most of the quality/magic bonus/skills stuff will be transparent to the player unless a miracle happens between now and Sunday :)

More music arrived too, so now we have music playing while you're fighting in the dungeon, and there's a fanfare played when you win.

The game currently hangs if you lose.

I added a shop-lifting interface, and Ehtirno added money so it was a shopping interface :)

I was fortunate to have a friend (whose opinion I value regarding this sort of game) play it and he liked it, pointing out a few quibbles (and an issue on Windows which was good to fix now :)

Finally, you get awarded money and XP for completeing a dungeon. You can spend the money, but you can't spend the XP. You can see that you have XP, you just can't spend it. I really hope I can find the time to do something about that tomorrow, but it's not likely...

I've got a busy day tomorrow, so I don't expect to be able to get much of anything done on the game. And that takes me into Sunday, where I'll be busy being an admin rather than entrant, so it'll be a wash too.