Making it real...

So I've spend most of the day trying to implement the battle system. Then it worked ok at some point but still had a few bugs. Then I kind of broke it and realised that it's just horrible.. I'll do it tomorrow. Properly.

At least I coded some other (vital) parts of the game. You can now travel between maps and encounter monsters (although the battle system doesn't work well ;)). And characters can now suffer from conditions - such as poisoned, dazed or dead. The funniest part was testing them because I just let the characters use harmful items on themselves, like Vials of Poison or a very deadly Loaf of Bread. ^^

Here's our latest non-fake screenshot (without the ugly UI):

Zahme has just finished the three main characters and a tileset. Wohooo!!

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Looking awesome guys - keep up the good work!
Aieeee the bright green, it hurts! :)
it looks funny ^^ i´m really look forward, to play your game :) so i hope you two make it until tommorow ^^ Yuri
This one looks quite ambitious! If it's as good as I think it'll be I'll enjoy it for sure. Especially if I set my monitor brightness to 0... :D