Not too pythonic...

Well, day 5 is over and my code is... quite a lot. But then I read it and think "this is NOT python, this is what I have been doing all my life, but with some nice python tricks". But I'm sure I'm not using half of Python power (not even proper loops or conditions...). I'm planning to revise it all after Pyweek is over, and learn a little bit more about this great language taking enough time.

Today I added some nice rewards, and finally some graphics. A nice background and some visual signs (like dollar signs when you earn money). I don't have a menu yet, not even a meta-game loop (menu->game->ending->highscores->menu) but I guess I can do something after the game is properly working. I also tried packaging it all with py2exe and it perfectly worked on a friend's computer who didn't have Pyglet installed. Bungeeee!

Woodwolf on 2008/09/11 22:39 of Wood & Wolf