We have the skillz

Another day of pretty good progress. I started out with some fun stuff, incorporating visual feedback of actions partaken by characters in the game simulation. Animations. Cool ones :)

My email program is refusing to start up, so I've lost my SVN logs for the day. This one's going to be a little more terse than usual.

Once I'd gotten the animations out of my system I knuckled down to the less-exciting inventory management screens. After some more IRC discussion on the topic I had a solid plan and managed to knock out the bulk of the code pretty quickly. There's still some user interface issues (like lack of feedback and no instructions). But the core is there.

cfuller contributed a world map view which I proceeded to mangle to fit into the game. The town icon above is one I threw together to be used on that map.

I moved on to putting in place the initial implementation of a skills system, and incorporated some initial skills into the combat and spell-casting actions.

I finished the day overhauling the character status displays in the tactical game user interface. That exposed some problems with the events triggered by damage, movement, etc. which I've also now fixed.

So far it's a playable game, but it's still missing chunks and I'm not convinced it'll be finished by Sunday.