Time for another post!

Our game has progressed somewhat, although it feels like we are treading water after the 3 hour sprint that bestowed upon us the first bit of gameplay. The only level at the moment, is the first test level that we made, and the mechanics haven't much improved.

The good news though, is that it seems like it is getting to be more or less stable enough to continue, and we will have more time in the coming days to have a marathon of level creation. Whether the mechanics lead to interesting puzzles remains to be seen. It is still fun to play with the string though, as can be seen by this insane screenshot:

This was produced after discovering a string duplication bug. After going to a new screen, you keep the string currently attached, but your tail gets saved into the screen you left. So when you come back, you now have twice as much! I played with this bug for a while, until there was so much string the game crashed. Ah, good times.

The game basically will work as follows: As Tommy Threadbare (name to be changed), an exiled stringite from the stringdom of string (description to be changed), you take your stringy self and use your string to overcome all obstacles you are faced with. The game is not divided up into levels, instead consisting of one big map (to be created), similar to a zelda dungeon. Along the way, there will be checkpoints to help for when you mess up (because it will be possible to lose string that you need to solve a puzzle). Some of these checkpoints will be "achievement" checkpoints, which will display a "you must be this long to pass" sign, and not let you continue if you don't have the required items. These will be very frequent. In addition, there will be checkpoints that refresh your length of string and make sure it's up to snuff. These will be more rare. At any time, you can reset back to the last checkpoint. Also, when you quit the game, it will save exactly where you left off.

Puzzles include: locked doors, chasms, keys, objects that need to be dragged around or thrown across places, and various other yet to be revealed puzzles. There will also be some form of story to tie it together, making it a bit more of an adventure/puzzle game than just a puzzle game.

If there is time, graphics might be improved, but it's probable that they wont.