Turning point

So it seems that day 4 is some kind of turning point... if you are still here it seems that you have something interesting, or at least playable, right? There must be something somewhere written about the psychology of creating something complex complete with such a close deadline!

Well, as I planned yesterday I was able to complete the collision system today, so jumpers may hit the ground and other jumpers. I also added a primitive 'special effect' class to draw onomatopoeias (mostly when colliding) and the groundings of the scoring system. You earn money with each successful jump, but you lose money is jumpers hit the ground or collide with each other. I want it to be a little more complex, so you can multiply your income if jumps are long or risky enough (jumpers almost hitting the ground or flying really close to other jumpers will pay you more). That's for tomorrow.

At some point I'll be forced to start drawing real guys and a nice background too...