It's a kinda magic

An interrupted day today as I spent some time with my daughter and doing some housework and buying new pants.

Overnight (for me) abzde did some work on the encounter map interface enabling non-turn-based encounters (ie. walking around a town and not killing everyone). Ehtirno added a bunch of new items and some party summary user interface to the tactical game display.

tee_skoowared is still plugging away composing music.

The first thing I did today was produce new character (PC and NPC) art and props. These are easy to make and thus can be consistent which is important. And they don't look too shabby, I think. The sword above is a small sample :)

I implemented the new character composition code so that characters are visibly equipped with the things they have in their hands in the encounter screen. While I was at it I implemented using armour and added some to the test characters, and it worked.

Haragorn popped into IRC and has started creating a world map for us. He started talking about the game's design so I also spent some of the day writing up the overall design of the game for the team's reference. cfuller popped in and offered to write the code behind the world map to make it clickable.

We also now detect when an encounter has ended successfully. I added a "Zot" action for characters when the --god command-line switch is used so I can just kill off any characters. We don't detect encounter failure yet though.

I finished the day adding a magic system. The test party now has a Wizard and Cleric (and a mace and another female person image). There's no pretty zappy effects yet, but the actions work.

Evergrey just handed me some new tiles to use as town buildings, but I'm too pooped to try them in the engine. Tomorrow.