End our day 3...

... Well, this has been an incredible day. Everything now is starting to pull together game-play wise, and we have our first screenie. The only thing that we hoped to start today that we did not was the UI - but we'll have to see about that tomorrow ;)

In this image you can see hotseat play already working, between player green and red. You can also see player red has a unit selected that has the area it can move to highlighted, and the ranges for attacking circled around - with three bands, one for each range.
Also, player red has a unit docked at an island.
Oh, and most importantly you can see the territory borders as well ;)

Not shown rally well are the moving water in the background, and scrolling the map. Or the first resource implemented in-game (no hints as to what it is yet ;) ).

All-in-all - I think we are still pretty close to on schedule.
Tomorrow will hopefully see some new art creation, as well as the resource management fully in place, the gui up and running, and the battle engine in place.

Still lots to do, but it is only Tuesday O.o so we are good XD