I kill the kobold with my sword (or bow)

Today saw lots of progress including some cool moments where gameplay just kinda fell out of the framework we'd been building.

I started the day adding some information to the user interface - some help and information about the currently active character. It's raw, but it's there (see screenshot).

Ehtirno added the beginnings of items and inventory management while also working on the character stats. I took that work and ran with it, adding some more functionality and generally making it work. The first result of that was giving our character a Sword and bashing the baddie (a "kobold") with it :)

I also tweaked the primary action interface, the popup menu.

I also got to load in the first piece of our musical score thanks to tee_skoowared and Michael Pearson. It's in the menu, and is really good :)

Then I caved in and let the NPCs also have equipment. abzde made them use weapons and now the stupid "kobold" fights back. Boo!

cfuller poked in and contributed some code to check line of sight. abzde incorporated that into his NPC AI to good effect. Then later I broke it when I changed the way walls work, but it was for the best, since we may now have tile edges that block movement but not line of sight.

Along the way I started creating more tiles for our maps, the result you see above. Yay for Inkscape. I added a second, very boring outside level to use the outside graphics I had created.

And I added ranged attacks with a bow. To test it I added a second character to the player's party (something untested until now) and was pleasantly surprised when both the ranged attack and the second character JUST WORKED :)

Ehtirno then made it so we could distinguish between the two stick figure characters :)

abzde added a waypoint system so the NPCs could patrol when they couldn't see anyone.

I finished the day adding a highlight so you can see how far your character can move in their turn.

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looks fantastic!