End our day two.

Well, a bit late - 8 hours late actually but w/e.

Been an interesting day.
Pymike and Ieuan made some images for the game now,
Markus continued work on the battle engine,
I refactored code, added a state engine, added some units and got them moving.
Along with numerous other small additions from everyone I can't even remember right now it is so late.

We wasted a few hours trying to decide how to go about moving units and whatnot. Finally came up with a good idea we should have had 3 hours sooner LOL.

All-in-all - this is almost a game already - with almost all the mechanics in place.

My tasks for tomorrow will be to refactor code, add some UI so you don't have to hotkey everything, add the rest of the movement code for the units, and then start on some resource gathering/using.
Markus is going to finish the battle engine code, and then starting on some ships in blender.
Pymike will be doing some more 2d art, working out bugs, and other misc stuff.

Along with tons of other stuff we need to do tomorrow that most of the other members will be picking up XD

Good night all :)

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The battle engine is actually done as of late last night. =)