Change for the better

Wow, what a lot of progress.

So as mentioned in the last post we've changed the game completely, meaning that when I started this morning I was coding a whole new game -- except for the start menu which still calls it the old game name :)

Quite quickly had some basic level tiles for a top-down display, and had them mapped on the screen with cocos. Fixed a couple of bugs in the cocos tile mapping :(

Had lots of good discussion and clearing things up, setting the style for the musicians to aim for. Everyone else went to sleep so I beavered away with Michael hovering around. Started defining the game model (characters, NPCs, how actions worked) etc. and really got going. There was a lot of refactoring along the way, of course. By the time abzde had woken up I'd made a level and had a player moving around in it with a static NPC spawning. Ehtirno and Evergrey popped up with some artwork which looks pretty cool (the screenshot above has my lame art of course).

abzde worked on getting the NPC to do stuff, and I worked on the UI to allow character actions, and made them do stuff.

The end result is we have an actual RPG! The character can go bash the baddie to death, and the hit chance and damage are derived from the player's stats. The baddie will chase the player around, but doesn't hit yet. And we have support for a party of player characters.

Lots more to do, but this is a really promising start!

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That sounds awesome richard! I look forward to this :D