What a difference a day can make

Well, Don Blake was able to come up with a great idea, which offsets nicely the lack of idea I had. Our first day consisted of taking turns playing Warhammer beta, and doing some programming of the engine. Our idea is this: adventure/puzzle game, where your character is made of one long piece of string. In the environment you will find other pieces of string which you can attach to yourself to get a longer piece of string to solve puzzles that you run into (such as gaps you need to cross). Sometimes, you will have to reluctantly leave some string behind, by cutting it off of you again.

The basic engine is already in place, leaving us pretty much the whole week to create the levels and polish things. This is the best start we've ever had for pyweek I think. You can unwind your string, bring it to you, throw the end of it around, tie it to things, tie on new pieces of string, cut the string off, and we have a map editor that lets us edit the tiles as well as add string. Opting away from physics, instead going for the "nibbles" method of the character's string-tail, was a wise decision I think.

So far, while not quite a game yet, with no goals or real puzzles, it is a very fun prototype to just mess around with, which bodes quite well for the rest of the project.