Late Night Thoughts

Well, Forrest went to sleep three hours ago and I'm useless as a programmer (curse you time zones!). I've been thinking about some gameplay ideas. The basic concept is similar to the Tower Defense line of flash games, but with a few twists, some to accommodate the theme and some for originality. You start with a limited number of string and then select the starting spool to place another endpoint at. Then, you have string stretching from Point A to Point B. Enemy gets near string, string attacks enemy. Enemy touches string, enemy attacks string. String has cooldown. Enemy doesn't. New segments can be built from either the main spool or each successive endpoint.

So far, we're gonna get a blank map with a generic background texture working first. Afterwards, we'll add snow and water to slow and stop enemy movement, respectively. Some challenges will be writing a pure Python pathfinding engine that's efficient, drawing the sprites (neither of us are graphics guys), and lots more. Stay tuned for details.