The day of ... thinking

Well, most of the team was MIA when the theme was announced. A few of us thought about it, mostly without progress. Eventually we went with a simple scrolling shooter with a twist - the player hanging from a rope which is being lowered through the level. As the player picks up powerups they get heavier making the rope spool out faster.

Of course at 3am while I was trying to sleep I realised that this was a dumb idea - the player is too close to the edge of the screen where bad things come from.

So at the start of day 2 (for me - the end of day 2 for Ehtirno and abzde) we decided to toss that out. We were having stability issues with pymunk on slower machines anyway.

Now we're working on an RPG with the core theme of The Fates:

Some nasty has stolen Fates' power and used it to attach your beloved, snipping of bits of life string. The bits have been handed to minions. You have to get the bits to save your beloved.

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It somehow reminds me of the strings that, rising up from everyone's head, represented life and health in Stephen King's Insomnia... If that string was cut, the person died. Um... this idea could have been a nice game too, but I already have mine. Good luck! :D