Progress after the first day

As a physics student I probably should have programmed a fantastically realistic simulation of a wobbly bit of a string by now. But I suppose we will just have to make do with a straight line for now.

I had an idea for the string theme before the challenge started, so I was glad that was the one chosen, otherwise I probably would have spent all day trying to come up with ideas.

I've been feeling kinda tired so I haven't got that far even though I've been working all day - well, mostly working as msn distracted me a lot - but I think It's going ok so far.

Here's my idea:
All the robots at the string factory have gone on strike, and its up to you to cut up all the pieces of string to the right length before there is a global shortage and the word descends into chaos.

Luckily, all the string made here is colour coordinated for some reason. Red string is short and blue string is long. As you have more important things to do, you get your hardworking assistant to do it all for you. But little did you know that he suffered from a rare form of colourblindness which renders him unable to distinguish between any colour! Now all the pieces of string are the same length! That will teach you to slack off.

You thank your lucky stars that the string just happened to have been cut to the maximum length the factory sells. Armed with your arm, which is actually a powerful laser, you must accurately cut the string to the correct length before you run out of time (you don't want to miss your bus home now, do you?)

And here's what I have after day 1:

It's not all that amazing, but hopefully I will be able to make it look a bit prettier by the time it's finished.

The strings are moved down the screen by a conveyor belt, so you have a limited time to cut each one. After a certain amount of strings you will progress to the next level, and making a number of mistakes will result in game over. There'll probably be a spectrum across the bottom to help you find the right place to cut it, at least on the first few levels.