It begins

Ahhhhhhh! "The length of a piece of string?" I don't get it at all. Where did that theme even come from? Ok, string, that makes sense. I could see a lot of game ideas from string. Or stringy. But it can't be any old string, it has to be a piece of one. That's funny that string always comes in "pieces." I've never thought of string as "pieces" of string, but that's what they are called. Very odd. Oh, and length is important too, which makes this theme a bit specific.

Well, my plan for this is to have my crackpot team brainstorm today, design tomorrow, and then goof off the rest of the week, finally swooping in with an epic 60 hour coding session the last few days and making a game. Ok, so we should plan very small :)

Another plan is to build things iteratively. The game isn't going to rely on fancy features, but when fancy features are able to go in, that will make it better. My last game relied on a fancy feature that took the whole week to write, and no time was left to make a game. Our game before that was founded on an idea that relied on the whole game being in place to find out if the idea was good or not. So basically, we are going to make a "level1" which is as basic as it can be, but polish that up enough that just that piece could get an adequate rating. Then we add a "level2" that makes it that much better. That's my plan anyway. We'll see what happens.

I don't have a ton of time, so I don't have much hope. I have a job, am addicted to the silly warhammer mmo which is going to open beta this week, one of my other game projects has a release due in the next few days, and my other even larger game project has a release due in the next month. I am certainly a busy fellow. Keeping the scope simple is going to be essential.

Good luck everyone! The game quality was outstanding last time, I expect it to be even better this time.