Phew! Time for a break...

Hi everyone! Just moved house this week and have been frantic decorating it so sorry for lack of participation in the comment threads. Internet just got connected so I'm back now. This house will serve as our team's base of operations for the September competition so its a good thing we're all up and running. Stuff's still a bit of a mess, cardboard boxes everywhere (thanks, Ikea!) but I'm really excited about the challenge now.

Allow me to plug Squirtle one more time, Martin's vector graphics library for Python. Excellent stuff, Martin! I guess we're going to see lots of SVGs flying around now, guess we'll have to come up with yet more exciting gimmicks :-). Seriously though, this is what PyWeek is great for: out of our desire to render vector graphics for PyWeek 6, Martin wrote this nifty little SVG parser. A scant 5 months later its stable and improved a great deal and packaged as a mini-library that everyone can use. Through PyWeek we are not only building a community but also developing the tools we work with; who knows what we'll have next PyWeek... Anyway, check out Squirtle.

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Awesome, glad you guys are along for the ride again :)