Speed runs

As Ryan already said, we wanted to have a timer in the game, and perhaps a High Score table based on time, for things like speed runs.

There are secrets in each level of Robot Toast that allow the player to skip large portions and get through quickly and efficiently.

Below I've linked to two such speed runs - for level 2, and level 3. The program I used to capture it did not record the sound, but the video quality, while choppy, is pretty good.

THESE CONTAIN SPOILERS, as the secrets in levels 2 and 3 will be revealed!

Level 2 Speed Run

Level 3 Speed Run

If I spent some more time capturing play-throughs, I could knock a few more seconds off each level, but these will suffice.

Working on this game was a blast, and I can't wait until the team regroups for the next PyWeek! Is it sad if I'm already counting down the days? ...

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Haha, Awsome!

I would have to get a lot better at the wall jumping though for one thing. more than two in a row and I'm foiled. Climbing chimneys is out of the question (well, I can do it with the jump jets + jumping of course).

Are you using the keyboard for this, or a gamepad?
Excellent videos -- well done! :)
Thanks guys!

I am using the keyboard - I don't own a gamepad (rest of Cribzero has them though).
Wow, I never thought to use a gamepad, but it made it possible to actually beat this game finally. I did find many of these shortcuts before, while others I suspected were there but didn't have the skills. This game is really well done, and the lack of enemies, or anything really besides just you and the environment, in my opinion only makes it stronger.
Nice video... and well played.. the animation looks really solid. Great work