Robot Toast: The Original Concept

This was my team's first PyWeek, and I'm extremely proud with what we created. Our plans were ambitious, and the fact that we even finished at all was amazing to me. We did have to make a few sacrifices though, and the overall theme I had in mind was all but lost.

The plan was to play as a robot jumping through a level, but the level itself would be a much larger robot that you are trying to control. Once you reached the control terminal at the end of the level, the game would zoom out and you would be that much larger robot! You would then control this new robot through an even larger robot level to take it over, and once you have the 3rd gigantic robot under your control, you would find yourself in the final level. All of this leads up to the silly punchline of the final level being a toaster, which you take control of of course!

We got close. We had the transition effect, but there were a couple of problems. One, we only ended up with one robot character, mostly due to animation taking lots of time (it turned out awesome though!). And two, the levels themselves didn't really look that much like the insides of various robots. These two things combined just made the transition look like.. well.. a transition and nothing more :).

We had lots of other ideas that never happened as well. I really wish we had a timer, for one. There were plans for moving lasers and traps, and maybe even turrets that shot stuff at you while you were jumping around. But hey, a week is a really short amount of time!

I think we will continue to work on Robot Toast, as its been a blast developing it for PyWeek, and I really think its a fun game (maybe I'm biased here :D). My team and I have learned a lot, and look forward to the next PyWeek!

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Man, that's an awesome concept!

Who does the toaster control?

well, lucky for you it's not obvious that you had a larger concept in mind; your game is a blast!
Well thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) As for what the toaster controls, I'm thinking full scale world domination, through the allure and persuasion of perfectly crafted toast. Who can resist?
I know I can't! When I see perfect toast, I lose control...
That is one mind bending concept.. Would have been cool. The current version is one hell of a game.. The bizarre sequence of control you explained is just awesome..