Bugs (of course there wer some)

Well, of course there were bugs; one in particular which I forgot to warn all my teammates about, being windows users, and that I didn't catch because I was out of town doing my final testing etc on a windows machine is watching that filenames match case. In particular, when I got home and tested on my linux machine I had to make the following fix for the game to run:
lines 11-14 in story.py should be:

actually I'm relieved that this is the only place such a bug snuck in.

I've had another bug report (comment on a different diary entry) but I can't repro it so I'm hoping everything else is working for most people!

Please do leave comments in this threat if you find more bugs.

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Got this crash

ImportError: libapt-pkg-libc6.6-6.so.4.5: failed to map segment from shared object: Cannot allocate memory

Original exception was:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "run_game.py", line 16, in 
  File "/home/dmoisset/Desktop/pw6/Ketchup/BotBuilder2000-1.1/lib/main.py", line 46, in main
  File "/home/dmoisset/Desktop/pw6/Ketchup/BotBuilder2000-1.1/lib/main.py", line 73, in update
  File "/home/dmoisset/Desktop/pw6/Ketchup/BotBuilder2000-1.1/lib/game.py", line 74, in update
  File "/home/dmoisset/Desktop/pw6/Ketchup/BotBuilder2000-1.1/lib/game.py", line 129, in updateActors
  File "/home/dmoisset/Desktop/pw6/Ketchup/BotBuilder2000-1.1/lib/hud.py", line 23, in update
  File "/home/dmoisset/Desktop/pw6/Ketchup/BotBuilder2000-1.1/lib/hud.py", line 72, in update
    text = pygletfont.Text(self.font, "T %i:%02i" %(self.timer.getMinutes() ,self.timer.getSeconds()), self.x, self.y)
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/font/__init__.py", line 330, in __init__
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 616, in __init__
    self.document = document       
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 681, in _set_document
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 764, in _init_document
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 710, in _update
    lines = self._get_lines()
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 691, in _get_lines
    0, len_text)]
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 806, in _flow_glyphs
    start, end):
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/layout.py", line 1053, in _flow_glyphs_single_line
    font_iterator = self.document.get_font_runs(dpi=self._dpi)
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/document.py", line 600, in get_font_runs
    ft = self.get_font(dpi=dpi)
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/text/document.py", line 610, in get_font
    bold=bool(bold), italic=bool(italic), dpi=dpi) 
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/font/__init__.py", line 576, in load
    font = _font_class(name, size, bold=bold, italic=italic, dpi=dpi)
  File "/home/dmoisset/src/rayos/pyglet/font/freetype.py", line 261, in __init__
    (name, result))
pyglet.font.base.FontException: Could not load "None": 81
hmm, I wonder if you don't have the font installed? We're only using Arial though so I think that's pretty standard on all systems.
My other thought is, we all developed using pyglet 1.0, are you using 1.1?
Arial is usually not available on Linux. ;)
oh dear. It was on my linux box so I didn't check. When I get home tonight, if I have time, I'll see about patching the game to use another font (I think maybe pyglet has an option for some default font). Meantime a find and replace all "Arial" with some other fond that is installed should fix that crash.