Richard was very helpful in getting our game finally uploaded :D YAY!

There is a slight bug in territory selecting - and one random crash - read more here:

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Didn't notice the territory bug, unfortunately I did notice the random crash. I don't know if I was close to winning or not, but I had annihilated one color at least :(
Hey, you added me as a team member, but you forgot to add me in the team's main description with everyone else! Great to see how it all turned out in the end, though :)
Oh - oops - I thought I did that long ago :(

saluk - sorry - you can win btw - so if you're willing - just try again ;)
do you have traceback though?
I would have a traceback if I had run it from my editor, but I didn't. From now on I will only run games in my editor :) I'll send you a TB if it happens again.
NP - thx :)
Robotwars :)
Yeah - that show was awesome - though we aren't planning on keeping that name - in case you re wondering - we just needed something towards the end of the compo there ;)
Hehehe -- Just couldn't help mentioning the similarity...