Post-mortem (the brief)

Well, that was fun :)

My game:
Against it all I wrote a game. That's better than I did last PyWeek. It's not much of a game - only one short level. I don't know whether the idea has much merit for continued development either.

What I did get out of this PyWeek was good experience with and stress-testing of both pyglet and Cocos.

PyWeek in general:
And of course the application broke, as we've come to expect. Hopefully all those entrants with final submissions to upload will be able to.

Participation was up again this challenge, both users and entries. It remains to be seen how many final entries we get thanks to the delay with md5 uploads, so I'll post the final numbers later.

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Thanks again Richard! Lots of fun :D
It's a radical party you throw around here. Thanks!
It looks great, however I seem to get an error trying to load laser.ogg - any ideas on how to fix? (windows Vista Pro, Python 2.5):
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 20, in 
    import main
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\", line 12, in 
    import game, backgrounds, robot, help
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\", line 7, in 
    import robot, ball, backgrounds, effects, message
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\", line 16, in 
    import sounds
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\", line 5, in 
    laser ='laser.ogg', streaming=False)
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\pyglet\", line 564, in media
    return media.load(path, streaming=streaming)
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\pyglet\media\", line 1366, in load
    source = _source_class(filename, file)
  File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\flatbot-4\lib\pyglet\media\", line 198, in __init__
    raise WAVEFormatException('Not a WAVE file') Not a WAVE file
Throrbian, it seems that games requires avbin
It mentions that in the README.

Unfortunately my attempt to handle it missing didn't work (untested code, rah rah :)

Also _requires_ python 2.5 because collections.defaultdict()Also _requires_ python 2.5 because collections.defaultdict()
Oh, thanks claxo.