Question on MD5s

We're not too familiar with the whole MD5 thing, but if we run the command multiple times on the same file, we get a different string each time. Conversely, we ran the command on two DIFFERENT versions of the file (after changing a filename inside the zip) and got the same key. This has me a bit worried. Can anyone enlighten us?

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Operating system?
Windows XP
I hashed yours to 7673cd1e722b59a6e403a5f337ed8004 No guarantee it is unique, but maybe it will help you not get DQ'd for no good reason.
we sent the hash we got anyway. Teammate had a good idea. He was running the load file command, then print, several times in one terminal session, which we're suspecting causes the program to append the files together and gives a hash of all the files loaded. Is this correct? I'm suprised that changing a filename inside the zip didn't change the hash, though.
keeyai: I get the same hash, thanks!
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Sigh, my comment above is retarded -- obviously I hashed your old submission, because if that was the one you needed this wouldn't even be an issue. Sorry.