Well - here I was getting all fired up about getting the multiplayer in the game - and we come to realize that it totally is not working!

Basically - because we did this in sockets - a lot of the functionality is going to be difficult to do - and we just don't have the time.


Markus is now going to try to write a server/client in twisted in a couple of hours - and then we're going to have to hack like mad to try and get the game fit to it :D

If this doesn't pan out we're just going to have a nice ai and some hotseat.

Wish us luck ;)

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Best of luck to ya! I hope you get it worked out, but there's nothing wrong with hotseat play if the game is still fun.
oops thats' a lot of hackin you've got at your hands... best of luck
I wish you well!
Good Luck!!!
Well - Markus is going strong - and doing really well - so there is hope :D
I added some more gui elements to the game - tomorrow - oh, later today - should see the menus all done pretty quick - the multiplayer done, the ai written, bugs squashed - we actually have 0 true bugs right now :D
Then we'll get new graphics in.

I think we might actually make it :D
Thanks for the luck everyone :)