Composing for Robots?

I am the aforementioned casualty to the team. On Tuesday, after an hour of X-rays and poking things down my throat that had no business being there, the doctors confirmed I DON'T have tuberculosis. Yay for good news. As to what it was - your guess is as good as mine...

In any event, I'm back! With 24 hours to go I'm working hard on getting the soundtrack completed. We've actually got a finished track for "level 1" - or really, wherever we decide to stick it. Basically: we're dancin'!

The journey started last Saturday night with Tresch and I using his synth to create all our own patches. The idea was to create an entire orchestra, purely with our own tweaks of basic waves. It was interesting, decently paced, and fairly successful. Then, I spent the rest of the week knocked out or tripped out on medication.

So, back on track today, we're going old school and nostalgic with our soundtrack. I look forward to you all being able to check it out upon completion!


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Glad you're OK!