More work...

Well - yesterday was another very productive day.
I wrote a multiplayer server/client - that works :D, and it only took probably 7-8 hours :)
It uses just sockets, and the game will have a lobby :D

I also shot about 3 hours trying to fix a bug in pygame.mixer that was giving all of us static from our music - which didn't work at all - so we're going to allow players to turn music/sound off if it is yucky for them.

Markus worked on the battles to make the images cleaner and stuff.

New screenie:

Today we need to integrate the multiplayer into the game,
write the ai,
add new gui and images,
make a multiplayer lobby, err wrap it ;)
Clean up gui - and add prompt windows for actions like attacking and movement,

Technically - we are on schedule right now - how, I don't know really - but it has gotten steadily more difficult to keep on schedule here - we fell back one day in the middle - but luckily scheduled some catch-up time in that area - so we are back on! :D

Not sure if we'll be able to stay on today - but we're going all night here to try it :P

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multiplayer server/client game.
RB, you guys are amazing.

Can't wait to play it! :)