Another Rules Question

Just to be sure not to break the rules, I want to ask another question. I am planning to use my own C64 SID tunes for my pyweek game entry, by first recording them to OGG Vorbis. They have been available in SID format under a CC license for a long time, and downloadable from a number of sites (including CSDb). However, I have not mentioned them on this site until now. Will that count as they have not been available for others to use, which will result in breaking the rules if I use them myself? Or am I free to play?

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They need not be mentioned here - just available in general to a google user or something :P
I think these would be fine ;)
I second the guess, that these are perfectly fine, and a good use of available resources. Just let people know in your readme.txt credits what you made and didn't make.

The goal isn't to make everything from scratch in a week, but how to start from a level playing field and compete in using your talents to bring together a good game in a short amount of time. Using such resources is perfectly acceptable and laudable.
Great! :) Cause I won't have time to compose any new rocking SID tunes this time. :)