1 day, 11 hours, 54 minutes to go

I've managed to get the actual gameplay I wanted implemented (well, the basics anyway). You can "win" the game by getting the football to your friend (though there's no indication this is what you're supposed to do, and when you do there's no "end of level" just an excited friend :) and you can overcome obstacles to get there (kicking the ball over ledges, zapping walls with your laser.

Like some of my other games it's a very simple one because I want my daughter (now 4) to be able to enjoy it.

The game as it stands implements most of the important engine components (sprites, collisions, tile mapping including an editor, overlays, particle effects, lasers). It doesn't implement a bunch of animation I wanted because I can't quite wrangle Cocos (0.3alpha in SVN) to draw my sprites in the correct order, so eye irises end up behind the head (invisible) and things like that.

I've got other ideas for things to do in the level, but I won't have much time to implement them, and I'd like to get some basic game menu etc. stuff in, and some sound effects. And some level decorations.

I've uploaded a "final" game just in case I don't get any time to do any more on it, but I really do hope to put in a bunch more work.