Robots love jetpacks!

Well, more like jetboots.

Constant progress, but we're definitely behind where we wanted to be. Haven't touched sound effects yet and we lost a team member which means we have no music yet!Character animations are done, though, and right now we're focusing on level design, tuning movement, and finishing the artwork for the various levels.

Lots of random placeholder tiles here, but the multiple levels of parallax backgrounds (one of which being a dropshadow) gives a really neat effect.

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Greet !!

go go robot.
Looks cool, but I think you'll need to reduce the impact of the background somewhat or the player character will be lost. Perhaps lose some color, or blur it a little?
Looks INCREDIBLE! I love the character design, and the circuit board is just enchanting. Well done! I can't wait to see it in action!
looks amazing.. :)
looks sweet!