Work in progress

I've only been able to access the net sporadically over the past few days, so I've not been able to post any updates on what I've been doing. Here is some information about my pyweek entry.

Game premise:

Build and maintain a reliable steam distribution network on an alien world. Steam comes from geothermal vents: you must route it safely to an ever-growing city, through a network of pipes and substations. Unfortunately, you're under constant attack from marauding aliens, sandstorms, and quakes.

Game overview:

It is a single-player real-time strategy game with a 2D view. Requires Python 2.4 and Pygame 1.7.x. Game tested on geriatric laptop without Psyco, so system requirements will not be high.

Still to do:

Been having a lot of fun with this so far.. unfortunately I have to take a break to do some "real work" now :(. I'll post a screenshot when I've done some textures.

- Jack (Biscuit Games)