2 days, 12 hours, 18 minutes to go

Well it doesn't look like much has changed but .. well, if you said that you'd be partially correct :)

That white line in the thumbnail isn't in the original image. Hmm.

I've been bitten in the ass for choosing to use a couple of alpha libraries. They're both cool and really help out when they're working, but unfortunately when they're not I spend development time chasing down bugs. But it was my choice to use them and I'll accept that :)

And then there was losing hours last night to a total public transport meltdown here in Melbourne town (we had some previously unheard-of severe weather roll through town that played merry havoc with trains, cars, trees, power lines, brick walls, ...)

The little robot now animates, including some facial expressions. You can't see those at the moment because of a depth-sorting issue ;) There's much improved interaction with the scenery and the ball. You can't see that because that's a screen shot and not one of these new-fangled video animations that all the cool kids are producing.

I even have some idea what the game might be. I believed, and it happened.

Unfortunately I might not get a chance to actually implement it. We'll see.