End Day 4...

Wowsa - so much to say, so little brain-power to say it :P

Today Markus, nihilocrat, OrenMyst and I were all hitting the game at the same time - more or less.
Which is cool.

We now have the battle engine complete - assuming we don't add captains or formation cards.
Selected territories are now highlighted.
Several nasty bugs were fixed.
But several more added :(
We have a game that Markus and I have both played several times through - and it is fun :D :D
We have music and some not place-holder-art done :D
You gain troops elsewhere besides capitols - based on your number of connected territories.
You can zoom in and out - though we need to get the sprites to scale along with that ;)
You can win without crashing.

I was also planning on starting and maybe finishing the multi-player tonight - but after looking at that list I'm happy enough with our progress:D
Tomorrow *must* see the multiplayer thoguh - or we are in deep crud and will have to abandon that idea!

New screenie - slightly out-dated - all place-holders ;)
Green Attacking Pink ;)

And for the first time ever we have a really enjoyable pyweek game :D
I think this is the first time I've ever taken time away from development to actually play a game - and this is only the half-way mark :D