3 days, 20 hours, 48 minutes to go

I've been quiet, haven't I?

I'm only working on my game during my commute and after hours. And when I say "game" I mean "some toy that's not a game because I don't actually have a game idea yet" :)

I've been coming to terms with the Cocos way of doing things. This is fun, because the Cocos developers are actively developing it under me :)

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I'd give it an A for originality. Good luck on the game idea! Just joking ... maybe put a robot on each side, a net in the middle ... Robot Volleyball!

Re: Cocos. Is it just me or does it have a flicker problem?
kfields: I don't have a flicker problem... perhaps your video drivers aren't up to date? do you get a message about not being able to vsync?
No. Maybe It's REM from programming too much. :)

Hey, I thought about the Volleyball idea some more. You could use a circle collision primitive for the head. It would be challenging to write the AI that controlled the computer player, but doable?
let's just start with human controls, then worry about AI :)

thanks for the ideas tho!

Okay, just a little elaboration on what I said and I'll shut my mouth. :)

I was thinking that since the robot's don't have any arms or hands they use their heads to volley the ball back and forth. This actually simplifies the problem, plus it will be funny! When the feet touch the ball it gets kicked in an arc over and onto it's head to start volleying again.