This is how I roll

While Alex is off being a code monkey and writing stuff up, I'm being an Artist and doing arty stuff (and not my home work)
Last night I drew character design for our little robo character. Today I was playing around and made this little gif. Yay it rolls!
It also has a lamp on it's head =D


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Cute... although it doesn't look quite happy. ;)
There is no way to know what direction the rotation is.
That's the beauty of it.. the direction the robot moves gives the feel for the rotation as well :D
If you imagine it rolling CCW, it rolls CCW of course. More interesting is the time it takes for your brain to make it roll in the opposite direction. It would make a great perception study in psychology.
And this discussion reminds me of this:
It's clearly going anti-clockwise - the robot is leaning forward and wouldn't be stable if it was going clockwise.