result not working on my Mac

No errors during the actual script, but when I try to run "run_game.pyw", the game crashes and dumps the following in the Console:
PythonLauncher[8457] doscript: Could not activate Terminal
PythonLauncher[8457] doscript: AESend(activate): error -600
PythonLauncher[8457] Exit status: -600[220] ([0x0-0x1b31b3].org.python.PythonLauncher[8457]) Stray process with PGID equal to this dead job: PID 8459 PPID 1 Terminal
Can any other Mac users help me out?

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Just zip your project and upload it.
Once again you fail to understand what the problem is. Zipping and uploading it does not satisfy the rule requirements.
irksep, I see no issue with milker's suggestion. Certainly there's nothing in the rules to prevent you uploading the file created by for people to test.

Did you try running the non-.pyw script?

Okay, I guess I was the one who misunderstood this time. The regular script works fine - I just like things to be double-clickable, being a Mac user. :-) Anyway, py2app works great, so I'll just include that too.