2 hours to go and I'm feeling contemplative.

Hey there. I'm new.

We're new.

I've never entered PyWeek before. I learned Python about a month and a half ago. I have years of game programming experience, but I haven't completed anything substantial since this school year started. Fortunately, I'm working with what might be a great team. I've never worked with any of them before, and I hope we all live up to each other's expectations.

We've got a kickass design bouncing around between us that will work for 4 of the 5 themes. We're experienced programmers. My only worry is that this is a busy week for all of us. I have two exams this week and a 30 page paper due in three days. How the hell am I going to squeeze in type for this thing?

I really want to use pymunk, but I can't get it to work at all. It doesn't like my PyWhatever.dylib, even though I followed the instructions for Mac OS X to a T. Looks like we'll be implementing our own physics engine. I'm not too worried, though - the design is already between my ears, and in our game, everything is a sphere, so it shouldn't be that bad. Even if the spheres are sometimes stuck together.

PSA: If your game uses PyGame, I won't be able to play it. I've tried to install it five times. MacPorts always fails halfway through on some component or other, and the .pkg installer complains that I don't have "System Python 2.5," even though I do have an up-to-date Python installation. If anyone knows how to fix it, be my guest, but frankly I'm sick of it.

PyWeek Resolutions:
-No obsessive news/forum reading
-Less putzing around and more puttin' my nose to the grindstone
-Don't get last place

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Have your tried some pre-built Pygame binaries for Mac OS X? http://rene.f0o.com/~rene/stuff/macosx/
Writing physics engines is fun! On the other hand, they can easily become a major source of endless time-wasting tweaking that is better spent on other things.

That's sad that you can't get pygame to work :( As much as pyglet is gaining in popularity, I expect that half or more of the games will be using pygame. Although this could be the pyweek that pyglet takes the crown!

CPUFreak91: You just linked me to the .pkg installer I said I already tried...
"-No obsessive news/forum reading"

That's gonna be a hard one for me too.
irskep: Sorry, I just noticed that that page was updated for Pygame 1.8. When I last viewed it, the only version there was Pygame 1.7.1, which was compressed in a .dmg.